North Haven CT USA, multidisciplinary

The discipline of Wound Management encompasses many specialties. During the past 2 decades there has been a veritable explosion of new technologies to facilitate wound care. It has been well documented that physicians receive little if any training during medical school in the theory and practice of wound management. Yet there are many patients suffering with wounds and a plethora of products to treat them. The treatment of wounds has become increasingly complex, as new technologies have entered the field.

In 2006 the European Academy of Wound Technology (EAWT) introduced training courses in France to provide enhanced education on the safety, efficacy, and practical use of available wound technologies. This course is aimed at physicians, podiatrists, physician extenders, and all paramedical professionals who want to supplement their practical knowledge. It provides an experience using a variety of technological advances relevant to wound treatment.

TheĀ NAAWT is an offshoot of the original course and is intended to bring this educational opportunity to North America.