Academy of Wound Technology – Foreword

The Academy of Wound Technology was founded in 2006 by an international multidisciplinary group of experts with an interest in the field of wound management. The aim is to provide a steep learning curve in wound technologies to interested professionals and to offer a hands-on approach to the new solutions currently available.

The rapidly expanding new field of wound management is at the meeting point between the increasingly complex technological advances and the sometimes sad realities of chronic wounds. It is not always easy to recognize amongst the multitude of techniques those which will outlive the others to become standard treatment.

The AWT group of experts are able to assist you in your choice of technique depending on the particular area of wound treatment you are involved in. While wounds related to diabetes, trauma, leg ulcers, presure ulcers and post-operative wounds share the natural tendency to closure, some solutions may help them to close more rapidly and without pathological scarring thus contributing to an improved quality of life for the patient.

The widespread international community of experts involved in the Academy offer hands-on workshops, seminars tailored to specific needs, practical training and courses. The worldwide development of studies of epidemiological trials and widescale experiments using registries and data bases offer help to managers and health authorities in evaluating their financial capacity to reimburse costs linked to these pathologies.

The Academy also provides developmental strategies including education plans, e-learning, telemedecine wound management and expert interactive teaching validated by accredited diplomas.

Luc Téot

Academy of Wound Technology